Modern websites are characterised by being fast, easy to navigate and use on any type of device - from desktop computer to smartphone. Old websites rarely satisfy modern visitors, so redevelopment of a website is often a necessity. However, updating existing website is much more complex task than simply creating new website instead of old. First and most, there are already a lot of links on the internet leading to specific pages of your website, and old websites are usually indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo.

New site often has different URL structure, so visiting website from an old link might getting error 404 (no page found), which is very bad for both human visitors and search engine rankings. Website owner should preserve all information from an old website and carefully provide redirects from all important locations of an old website to new pages. Such task requires precision and skill. Our experienced content managers and website developers have successfully updated dozens of websites with good results. Contact us if you have an outdated website.